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Finding Your Property Buying Process Simplified Financial Matters

Financial Maters

Below you will see a ‘sample title deed’ which gives you an overview of what details are recorded on a title deed. Deeds layout can differ and the attachment is only a sample.  We would also request that you make note the following information on Title Deeds:

Title Deeds issued will give the full details of all the map reference numbers and details of the Property you have purchased.  The postal address of the Property, rarely, if ever, appears on the title deed.  

Title Deeds details are much more accurate with the exact site of your Estate or Street being identifed by map references pinpointing the exact location of the land. 

The top section of the deed identifies the County, City, Neighbourhood or Village (as applicable), Street (if applicable) and area within the village or neighbourhood.  

The Map Section Number, Island Number (Land Plot) and Parcel Number of the Land Plot are also detailed on the upper section as are the m2 of the entire parcel of land for sitesi (estate) Property or your the parcel of land for an individual Property built on a private plot. 

The Middle Section of the Deed gives details of the deed valuation, type of Property (ie apartment, 2 storey house etc), share of the plot in estate Property (ie your share of the entire plot of land), Block Number and Floor Number in the case of Apartments, Independent Part Number (ie the number identifying your actual location on the county council map),

The Independent Part Numbers on the deed can differ from the acutal postal address number of your Property, because the Independent Part number is a reference to the exact location of your Property within a development or estate as laid out on a council planning map. 

Off plan properties are often numbered by the Developer for off plan purchases before the land deed is split into individual deeds for each Property and whilst on some occassions, the council adopt the Developers numbering system, the may also choose their own part number identifying system.  

The lower part of the deed  lays out the Owners Name and full  Details of the Exchange of Deed and Date of Exchange of  the Deed.

Copies and full details of Title Deeds are all recorded and registered at the Title Deeds Offices.

TAPU (Title Deed)

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